Our Team

Claude Veillet



Claude Veillet cofounds Téléfiction Productions Inc. in 1987. Producer of feature films and television series, he is involved in every project of the company. In 1994, he becomes president of Films Vision 4, the film division of the company. Appreciative of young artists, he doesn’t hesitate to support the new generation of creators. Visionary and mindful of developing the company through the diversification of activities, Claude Veillet creates, jointly with Luc Langevin, OKI Spectacles in 2012, a company of which he is co-president.

Lucie Veillet

Vice President and Producer


Lucie joins Téléfiction in 1995. Partner and close ally of Claude Veillet, Lucie produces all of the company’s projects, both in film and television. Over the years, she has gained solid experience, and today she is a true specialist in content for children. Lucie is actively involved in the development and creation of all of the company’s films and TV series for youth audiences.

Jacques Archambault

Vice President, Marketing and Communications


At Téléfiction since 2002, Jacques Archambault has many years of experience in communications and entertainment. He has worked in all divisions of the company. In charge of marketing for merchandizing products from different productions, he works closely with broadcasters and distributors for the strategic positioning of TV series and feature films

Martine Quinty



Passionate about television, Martine Quinty has been working in production for more than twenty years. In 1997, she begins her collaboration with Téléfiction, gaining more and more experience as a unit production manager on youth and adult projects. Since 2006, she has worked specifically on television series for children, first as a line producer and later as a producer.

Annie Blais



Since joining Téléfiction in 1996, Annie Blais has applied her professionalism to all of the company’s feature film and television projects. Over the years, she has worked on many important films and TV series as a production manager, a post-production supervisor and later as a producer.

Élisabeth Gervais



Élisabeth Gervais had many years of experience in television when she joined Téléfiction in 2001. Her strong interest in content naturally lead her to new and increased responsibilities in content management. In 2008, she became the producer for the magazine and documentary division and produced seven seasons of the TV series Une pilule, une petite granule. Today, she essentially focuses on the development and creation of magazine and documentary series.

Martine Villeneuve

Director of Digital Media


Holder of a Master’s Degree in Art History, Martine Villeneuve joined Téléfiction in 2006, where she held the positions of co-editor and artistic director for Éditions Imagine (a Téléfiction subsidiary). In 2012, she specializes in digital media. Line producer and multimedia director, she now manages all activities for digital media, multi-platform, linear and interactive, from ideation to online deployment.

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