Salmigondis EN

Year of production 2015-2017

130 episodes X 24 minutes (two seasons)
3rd season currently in production

Created for children
From 3 to 8

Original French version

Awards and nominations
14 Gémeaux nominations

Salmigondis TELLS… the incredible adventure of toys that were abandoned, forgotten or rejected. On a stormy night, in extraordinary and inexplicable circumstances, they became HUMAN! Delightful, hilarious humans! Nine characters who now live together in a parallel universe where they have each recreated their very own world.

Imagine a ballerina, who is a bit of a diva, who would like to be a princess in a fairy tale, an elite rescuer who is TOO eager, and a witch who rocks! Add a clumsy cowboy, a friendly monster, a video game superhero and her “robot” sidekick, as well as a slightly grumpy pirate and his slow-witted matey!

It’s not easy living in a ragtag world like Salmigondis. Thankfully, in Salmigondis, humour triumphs over all conflicts!

We should mention that a grand mission brings these characters together. This is all thanks to Végane, the super heroine who created the Salmitronic, an amazing machine that has the power to detect toys in distress in the world of children. As soon as she hears the Salmitronic’s signal, Végane takes off and recovers the toy, which everyone then carefully repairs so they can return it to the children with the help of the extraordinary machine. This “toy” mission is the greatest leitmotif of Salmigondis’ inhabitants. Nothing makes them happier than hearing the laughter of children who receive the toys to which they gave a second life!